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Fic: The Old West AU, by Sky and El

Hey kids. El and I wrote an Old West AU! It's been, like, a year in coming, but it's finally ready for people to look at it and such.

Pairing: Darren/Tyson, Greta/Jon, Maja/Patrick, Pete/Mikey, Gerard/Frank/Bob, Chris/Spencer
Rating: Way NC-17, but no girlparts
Link?: Part One! (Part Two is linked at the bottom.)
Beer me

TaleSpin AU!

TaleSpin was this early '90s Disney cartoon. A small group of the cast of The Jungle Book as various characters (Baloo the bear as a cargo pilot and Shere Kahn as the big business man and King Louis as an entertainment type person) were set in some nebulous '30s setting, with '60s decor and lingo that went all over the place.

And then all I could see was Brendon Urie on an airfoil, cloudkicking behind the Disco Duck as Bob Bryar flew on a run, and it got away from me.

If someone wants to take these guys and run with them, please, be my guest.

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semi-fic: Stuff and Jon's Cat

i, uh, wrote this a few months back for my own amusement and never really got around to posting it. one part plot bunny, one part fic-like. i don't know. don't bite me.

Stuff and Jon's Cat
Panic! gen, rated G for fluffy absurdity.
completely unbetaed and written off the top of my head. set during the time they were at the cabin.
disclaimer: not real, done for amusement. and if you found this by searching your name and filter words, then you obviously have been spending way too much time on the internet. perhaps you'd like to click that back button please?

inspired by the fact that mikey way's cat is on stuff on my cat (seriously) and wondering if jon and company ever tried to put stuff on dylan. you know that brendon would totally be the first to try.

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