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FIC: Rose Is a Four-Letter Word (Brendon/Ryan, others)

Title: Rose Is a Four-Letter Word
Author: jzbell
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan (Ryan/Brent, Ryan/Spencer, Ryan/Pete, Ryan/Jon, Ryan/Jon/Spencer, Jon/Spencer)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ryan's allergic to roses. Well, maybe "allergic" is the wrong word for it.
Disclaimer: This is not true; I'm not implying that it is. For entertainment purposes only. Not intended for individual resale. Et cetera.
Notes: For disarm_d's sex pollen pornomeme. I figured someone had to take the opportunity to write slutty!Ryan. Title via Googlism. ♥s to acroamatica, once again, for the beta (and the superhuman turnaround time).

( 'Dude, Ryan attacked me.' )
Tags: fic

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