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Try This Trick And Spin It (FOB/MCR/ETC, NC-17)

Hey, so, ficbyzee and I posted some fictional-type shenanigans yesterday ---

Try This Trick And Spin It
by Charli J (gigantic) and Zee (ficbyzee)
NC-17. AU. 25,000 words.
Pete/Patrick, Bob/Frank, Ryan/Brendon, Patrick/Frank, Pete/Ryan, and more.
Philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it.

Note: Despite the misleading word length, this is more like a detailed summary of a universe Zee and I developed throughout last summer. A story about a story. If I remember correctly, Zee had a Fight Club-related idea for a Pete/Patrick story, and then one day Ryan Ross got a tattoo. Somehow, those two things spun off into a universe that's generally become its own thing and has since only been told orally on a bus to Maine and via email. Since we kind of fail at both oral storytelling and responding to email, third time, charm time has us posting to the Internets.

This story contains content some readers may find disturbing. Title from The Pixies' "Where Is My Mind?" and tagline from Marx as quoted by the Praxis entry on Wikipedia.

( Try This Trick And Spin It )
Tags: fic

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