Eleanor Lavish (eleanor_lavish) wrote in damnyouwentz,
Eleanor Lavish

Fic: Polaris. (Patrick/Frank) R.

Title: Polaris
Pairing: Patrick Stump/Frank Iero, random others in the background
Rating: R
Word count: ~9800 (yikes)
Summary: Have you ever seen the movie 'Sliding Doors'? Yeah, this is that, only with boys in the Chicago emo/hardcore scene. Set in 2003; just tilt the scene a little one way or another, and you could very well have had this.
Disclaimer: However, its clearly an AU.
Notes: For the damnyouwentz "These Teen Hearts" Fic Exhange. Written with love for jenish, beta by schuyler. oh! and love to sobrellevar for telling me I can do this and Jen will like it. It's on you, missy! (There is a little tiny bit of drinking, but no real drunkenness, so I hope thats okay!)


(Link takes you to my fic LJ)

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