April 5th, 2020

Just a reminder.

If you're requesting to join the comm, please don't forget to go read the community info page and then leave a comment here introducing yourself. To get accepted you have to let us know who you are. If we go check your LJ and it's locked down and you have no friends, we have no idea who you are and we will reject you. Yes, even you, Mr. Wentz. We need to know why you want to be a part of our little world, and then we'll see about letting you know the secret handshake.

EDIT: Read this for the new rules. Basically, you need to show us examples of your writing so we can see if it's good enough (elite is the new black) or examples of your feedback, or proof that you're some awesome insider/stalker/whatever. Caps are happening at some point, and we will weed you out if you're not contributing.

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