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Just a reminder.

If you're requesting to join the comm, please don't forget to go read the community info page and then leave a comment here introducing yourself. To get accepted you have to let us know who you are. If we go check your LJ and it's locked down and you have no friends, we have no idea who you are and we will reject you. Yes, even you, Mr. Wentz. We need to know why you want to be a part of our little world, and then we'll see about letting you know the secret handshake.

EDIT: Read this for the new rules. Basically, you need to show us examples of your writing so we can see if it's good enough (elite is the new black) or examples of your feedback, or proof that you're some awesome insider/stalker/whatever. Caps are happening at some point, and we will weed you out if you're not contributing.

AddictedKitten (11:41:41 PM): What's our membership policy? Be someone from popslash? Know one of us? Fill out a form? Make a blood sacrifice?

Hi, and welcome! If you're here, it's probably because you know someone else that's here already, so you have some marginal street cred and can skip the gang initiation. If not, what's a little hazing between friends?

Our main purpose in forming this community was to try and have the popslash experience in a whole new fandom. See, the trouble with popslash is that you come in, and there are all these really amazing people who are nice and sweet and helpful, and they send you footage, or post links to download it, or make whole websites just for the purpose of sharing the love, and there's all this fantastic fic for you to read and pictures to look at and squee to share, and it's just the most awesome thing in the world, and you think that all RPS fandoms are like that, and then you realize they're not.

But wait! Sometimes you get into a new fandom (in this case, Fall Out Boy and wackily punctuated labelmates Panic! At The Disco and The Academy Is...) and drag people along with you, so instead of just sitting there being emo about it, you get up and organize. And by you I mean me and [info]deliberatehips. We're writing it, a few of our friends are writing it, a few of their friends are writing it, we all love ourselves some canon, thus: community. To post fic, pictures, footage, recs, all the good things we're here for in an environment where we're all here for the same purpose. And that purpose is LOVE. No, I'm just kidding. It's porn.

So you wanna join? Awesome. Your best bet, if you don't already know someone in here, is to do the following: say hello, say who you know (if you know someone here- namedrop it like it's hot), link us to your popslash, link us to your FOB/P!ATD/TAI slash (or make grandiose promises that you're going to write some)(and anyone that has a less unwieldy name for this fandom, speak up!). Be, you know, a good writer, or if writing isn't your thing, be a good feedbacker and bring us shiny things (pictures! footage! gay!). This comm has a slightly different focus than [info]yeahchemical, but spiritually we're on the same page, and we both like Mikey Way, so we have that in common.
Things which will also eventually be posted to this community: a list of popslashers that have written FOB/P!ATD/TAI, recs, footage (where to find it, praise in the name of YouTube, etc.), print canon (i.e. quotes from Pete's journals, interviews, links to online interviews, probably some slashy quotes because it's so easy as to be almost gauche), and possibly some sort of way to keep track of appearances, god help me if I start DVRing FOB stuff.

Things we would like to do at some point: organize some footage viewing, i.e. queue up together and watch while chatting, fic challenges so you all can write me things ahahaha! we can all have more fic to read, uh, possibly other things.

We also have lofty dreams of this being a very active community, so if you wanna direct people here that would be cool, if you know any popslashers writing in this fandom now, link me to the fic, if you have some friends that are wavery on whether or not they're gonna be into the fandom, point them here, if you have any recs, please oh please oh please speak up. I'm thinking it would be a good plan to have things up in the memories, like the list of where to find footage, a list of where to find the really slashy footage (which, I mean: fish in a barrel), list of recs, and so on. And maybe tagging things would be nice, although really only because I want the slash tag to be "pretty obviously gay."

Join us!
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