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mod post, pay fucking attention

Okay! So, in a couple of months we've gone from me and Rae and Jessa dorking out over Pete Wentz to still us, but also like a hundred of you, uh, dorking out over Pete Wentz. Crowds make us nervous, thus, modly rambles because Rae is making me.

So here are the new requirements for membership: fucking contribute something. If you're a writer (and fuck, be a writer! this fandom is not going to be the twenty or so of us that actually write!), then link us to something you've written. Write something to impress us before you apply (I hate that word, this isn't a job interview, but whatEVER, it works), or link us to your best fic in another fandom (priority goes to popslash kids, because that's where we come from, but be sensible about it either way- if all you've written is something for some random anime or like, I don't know, some earnest first person narrative about the character's inner PAIN or whatever, then, um, well, I hope you actually hang out with Ryan Ross or something, because dude).

If you Just Don't Write, but you give fucking brilliant feedback, link us to an example of THAT (oh, we're hardasses. if this doesn't scare you off, nothing will). Hint: brilliant feedback =/= ♥ this was good. And seriously? Feedback is compulsory here, if you read something you like, you fucking say something, alright? It's discouraging enough writing in a fandom where you and your friends are the only people that don't suck, encourage us, dammit.

So, okay, maybe you don't write, maybe you do something else like hunt down pictures and do fabulous picspams, or collect media, or stalk William Beckett (well, don't stalk William Beckett. he looks like he scares easily). That's fucking awesome, that's probably three quarters of what we do here. So again, be like, here's a link to an example of me just being fannish. And if you know someone here, seriously namedrop, because we like our members and it stands to reason that our members would have cool friends.

Look, I know, I'm making it sound like you practically have to make fucking animal sacrifices in our name in order to get in here, but it weeds out the people who would make the community suck, who would take things and never give anything back. The point is that we want you to be in this sort of fannish headspace already, and therefore ready to dive right in and be a part of this, because this is pretty much the most amazing fandom ever, and I think half the reason of that is because we're all feeling it, we're all in love and sharing the love and BEING the love, and look at me with this hippie bullshit, but such is that power of damnyouwentz. I swear if you're in the same place we are we'll all get along fine, and man, you'll get it. You'll know what I mean.

The most important thing, honestly (aside from writing porn, obviously), is that you hang out, you know. Monitor the community. Tell us what you think about those new pictures of Brendon, and what things you think his mouth would be good for. Tell us about that insane AU you're thinking of writing (and then write it, dammit). Post Pete's new journal entries before viawentztop gets to them. Post a scan of that new article you just totally stole from patd. Post YouTube links of Pete kissing boys onstage, since that's like, a thing he DOES, god bless this fandom and the Wentzness of it all. Comment on things. Talk to people. Because we're all pretty fucking awesome here.

That said, if you're in the community already and for some reason just not feeling the love, then GTFO, because we ain't tryna be VWT or some shit, we don't need two thousand members. We're considering capping, maybe around 150 or so, and it'll give me vicious joy to go through and cut out people that never say a word, because I'm both the Porn-Writing Mod and the Sekritly Evil Mod, I just hide it well behind exclamation points and Patrick picspams.

So, okay! If I haven't scared the fuck out of you, apply to join! If I've actually kind of turned you on, then you'll probably fit in really well here.


Dude, quit being emo, we're not gonna kick you out, unless you've seriously never said ANYTHING. If you're intimidated, only be intimidated in the sense of being like oh shit, I should go post some pictures of Patrick! and not like, I should go slit my wrists because the mods are like, totally mean. Because like, if you never comment, how am I supposed to be able to get innapropriately flirty with you? That's all I'm saying. That, and I wanna get in your pants.]
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